INR RAS - current experiments
  • experiments at Moscow Meson Factory(MMF) of INR RAS
    • Search for supernarrow dibaryon production in pd interactions
    • Investigation of neutron-nucleus interactions at Time-Of-Flight
      Neutron Spectrometer on the basis of RADEX facility
    • Neutron spectrometry of efficient cross sections of neutron interactions
      with nuclei in the energy range of 1 eV - 50 keV
      at the Superluminous Lead Slowing-Down Neutron Spectrometer
    • Study of nuclear transmutation problems at the neutron complex
      of INR RAS
    • Study of solid structure and dynamics at the pulse neutron source
      and DIAS spectrometer
  • experiment "Troitsk n-mass"
  • Complex for proton therapy
  • Lithium experiment for Solar Neutrinos
  • ISTRA +

experiment "Troitsk n-mass"

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