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N.E. Burov, V.N. Potapov, A.Yu. Perov, B.M. Ovchinnikov, V.V.Parusov

  Xenon narcosis adapter XNA-01 Narcosis apparatus made by the DAMESA company

Xenon narcosis is known to be one of the safest and most promising up-to-date ways of anaesthesia. Unfortunately its wide spread is limited by a high cost of xenon. Modern respiratory narcosis apparatuses, even on condition of their operation in a closed cycle and with small gas streams, are bound to lose xenon due to some design features.

The "Akela-N" Ltd. Company has developed a xenon narcosis adapter which allows one to drastically reduce xenon losses during narcosis and to recycle xenon (see Fig.1). This adapter is well compatible with domestic equipment.

In the RAS hospital in Troitsk in collaboration with INR a special adsorption cartridge has been designed on the basis of the existed up-to-date respiratory narcosis apparatuses (see Fig.2). It has a low resistance to gas flow and high adsorption capability.

Today xenon narcosis by the method by professor Burov N.E. is being clinically tested in the RAS hospital.

Person for contact: professor Burov Nikolai Yevgenievich,

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