ZARAPETYAN Zarab Petrosovich
(February 25, 1914 - April 26, 1998).

He was the Deputy Director for Capital Construction from the first years of the foundation of the Institute to 1987.

A talented organizer and builder, he made a great contribution to the design, creation and further development of the scientific, experimental and production base of the Institute.

Under his leadership, buildings and structures of the Moscow Meson Factory, the Baksan Neutrino Observatory, residential buildings in Troitsk and Neutrino, other industrial and social facilities were erected, and the territory was improved.

In the pre-war years, he was the secretary of the Komsomol committee on the construction of the Moscow Canal; the head of the pit of the Norilsk Plant named after Zavenyagin; in the 1940s - the head of the uranium ore department in Taboshary; in the 1950s - the deputy director of the General Office of the Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources; in the 1960s - the director of the Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Plant (where he organized the extraction of uranium and gold); the builder of such cities as Uchkuduk, Nurabad , Zarafshan, Navoi, Troitsk.

His name was included in the INR RAS Book of Honor in 2000.

Awards: Hero of Socialist Labor (1970), Honored Builder of the Russian Soviet Federal Socialist Republic, three Orders of Lenin, three Orders of the Red Banner of Labor, Order of the Badge of Honor, Honorary Citizen of Troitsk (1998).

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