LOBASHEV Vladimir Mikhailovich
(July 29, 1934 - August 3, 2011).

Academician (2003), Doctor in Physics and Mathematics, Professor (1988).

He worked at the Institute from the moment of its foundation as the head of the Department of Experimental Physics.

He was a world-recognized scientist, specialist in the field of nuclear physics and elementary particle physics. His work on the study of small effects associated with parity non-conservation in the gamma decay of nuclei was of fundamental importance for proving the universality of the weak interaction and determined the development of experiments in this area throughout the world.

He developed the world's most intensive sources of ultracold neutrons, set the strongest limit on the value of the electric dipole moment of a neutron. A new effect was discovered - the rotation of the plane of polarization of gamma quanta in the medium of polarized electrons.

A new type of neutrino source was proposed - a superconducting magnetic trap for pions and muons. A left-right asymmetry of the emission of fission fragments during neutron capture and parity non-conservation in the full cross section of radiative neutron capture were discovered.

He was one of the authors of a new method for measuring neutrino mass in the beta decay of tritium, a scientific supervisor and a direct participant in the creation of a unique 'Troitsk-nu-mass' facility, which obtained the world's best limit on the electron antineutrino mass.

He proposed a new experiment to search for the fundamental process of violation of the muon quantum number - muon-electron conversion. Under his leadership, original approaches to the use of high-current proton beams of the Moscow Meson Factory were developed.

His name was included in the INR RAS Book of Honor in 2000.

Awards: Lenin Prize (1974), V.M.Pontecorvo Prize (1999), Order of the Red Banner of Labor, Order of Honor (1999), Order of Friendship (2004), Academician M.A. Markov Prize (2004), Order of the Badge of Honor (1975), Honorary citizen of Troitsk (2006), Honorary badge for the 30th anniversary of Troitsk (2007), commemorative medal "100 years since the birth of L.F. Vereshchagin" (2009).

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