FRANK Ilya Mikhailovich
(October 23, 1908 - June 22, 1990).

Academician (1968), Doctor in Physics and Mathematics, Professor (1940).

He worked at the Institute since its foundation, heading the Laboratory of Atomic Nucleus.

He was an outstanding scientist in the field of physical optics, low-energy neutron and nuclear physics.

Together with co-authors he developed the Vavilov-Cherenkov radiation theory and studied its features,
elaborated the theory of complex Doppler effect and the theory of anomalous Doppler effect;
predicted transition radiation;
investigated the formation of gamma - quanta pairs in krypton and nitrogen;
theoretically and experimentally investigated neutron multiplication in heterogeneous uranium-graphite systems;
proposed a pulsed method for studying the diffusion of thermal neutrons;
discovered the effect of diffusion cooling;
developed a method for spectrometry of neutrons by the time of their slowing down in lead;
experimentally studied reactions on light nuclei with emission of neutrons, interaction of fast neutrons with tritium, lithium and uranium nuclei, fission processes;
studied short-lived quasi-stationary states and nuclear fission under the action of mesons and high-energy particles;
participated in creation of the pulsed reactors on fast neutrons.

He created a school of physicists.

His name was included in the INR RAS Book of Honor in 2000.

Awards: Nobel Prize (1958), State Prize (1971), State Prize (1953), S.I. Vavilov Medal (1979).

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