BURLAKOV Victor Dmitrievich
(October 1, 1918 - June 26, 1992).

PhD in Physics and Mathematics.

He was the Deputy Director for Research since the foundation of the Institute.

A talented organizer, he made a great contribution to the creation and development of the Institute as one of the leading scientific centers in Russia.

He directly participated in the preparation of the most important government decisions on the development of the experimental base of nuclear physics and astrophysics. Under his supervision construction sites were determined, projects were elaborated, building and development of the Moscow Meson Factory, the Baksan neutrino observatory and the Baikal neutrino observatory began, a program of scientific research of the Institute was formulated, a program of training of highly qualified scientific personnel was implemented.

Before coming to the Institute he held an important position in the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, he supervised the construction of large nuclear physics complexes.

His name was included in the INR RAS Book of Honor in 2000.

Awards: Two Orders of the Red Banner of Labor, Order of the Badge of Honor.

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