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The setup is the first Russian diagnostic apparatus for estimating the mass of bone tissue around implants, in particular endoprosthetic appliances of articulations in preoperative and post-operative periods. It simultaneously provides both non-invasive measurement of mineral density of bone tissue around endoprosthetic appliances and image of the examined section of the skeleton. Besides, the apparatus can be successfully used for polyclinical diagnostics of osteoporosis. Irradiation dose does not exceed 1 mP.

Nowadays there are some devices of the same purpose abroad but all of them have analogous or even worse characteristics at a very high price. Economic efficiency of this setup is based on the fact that its assembly and adjustment are performed on the home equipment, spare parts are manufactured in Russia, software and algorithm of data processing were elaborated in the Institute.

Now the first specimen of the apparatus is being clinically tested in the Central Institute of traumatic surgery and orthopaedy named after N.N. Priorov.)

The setup consists of
a circuit array produced in the "Svetlana" company,
a medical x-ray screen,
an x-ray tube "RAPAN" with a beam power of 10 W,
a wide-angle lens,
a computer Pentium-2,
a laser printer.
Main characteristics
Exposure time does not exceed 10 sec,
Irradiation dose does not exceed 1 mP (for hip joint),
Accuracy of measurement is not worse than 3%.



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