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News and events 2021

23.09.2021 Scientists of the INR RAS took part in the modernization of the ALICE experiment detectors at CERN CERN Newsletter of the EP department

05.08.2021 Press release «Molecular Genetic Research at the Baksan Neutrino Observatory allows a new look at the effect of ultralow radiation doses» PLOS ONE

July 2021 «ALICE is “FIT” for Run 3 after last new subdetector installation» CERN bulletin Issue No. 27-28/2021

July/August 2021 «‘X’ boson feels the squeeze at NA64» CERN Courier v.61, N4, p.8 2021

31.05-24.06.2021 Online “Quarks” workshops

29.04.2021 NA64 sets bounds on how much new X bosons could change the electron’s magnetism

04.2021 Phantom transparency of the Universe

21.03.2021 Russian scientists have calculated the spectrum of the lunar neutrinos

16.03.2021 "Russia's Baikal-GVD underwater telescope to look into the depths of the universe" Firstpost.

16.03.2021 "Scientists Place Largest Deepwater Space Telescope in Russia’s Lake Baikal" TWC India Edit Team

13.03.2021 "Largest neutrino telescope in the Northern hemisphere commissioned at lake Baikal" TASS

11.03.2021 "Russia’s particle-physics powerhouse" CERN Courier V.61 ¹2 p.33-35

19.02.2021 Scientists claim that all high-energy cosmic neutrinos are born by quasars



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